Our trainers

Tigres Boxing Club employs four trainers. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the most important information about each of them.

The oldest and most experienced of our instructors is Peter. He is Polish ex-champion at middleweight, and two-time runner-up in Europe. Peter trains experienced boxers, preparing them to participate in national and international competitions.

The second of our trainers is Adam. Despite his young age he has a lot of experience, because he has started boxing trainings at the age of thirteen, and at the age of eighteen years, he took first place in the European Championships for Juniors. Adam works mainly with novice boxers, among them with teenagers.

The third of the trainers of Tigres Boxing Club is Maciej, who joined our team last year. Maciej is a boxer, as well as a sports nutritionist, so apart from trainings, he also offers consultation on nutrition and supplementation. It is him, who helps our customers in choosing the right protein supplements and creatine.

In our club also works one female trainer, Monika. She is a former Polish Champion, who started training boxing at the age of fifteen, while trainer entitlements she won eight years ago. Monika works mainly with women. She conducts boxing trainings, as well as classes in self-defense.


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About Us

Togres Boxing Club started its activity in 2008. Our goal was to create a place where people interested in boxing will be able to start their adventure with the sport, while boxers aleardy having some experience will develop their skills.

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