Our terms and conditions

All peiple who wish to develop their skills with us, they must read the rules of the club and accept it. In this way we take care of the order, and above all, the safety of our customers.

Our club attendees are committed first and foremost to maintain order and behave properly towards other participants in the class. A boxing ring may can not be a space in which conflicts are being solved.

Training can be only attended in sports apparel that provides comfort and ensures complete safety. It is forbidden to wear any jewellery during the training.

People starting workouts sign a declaration in which they confirm that there are no medical contraindications to practice this type of sport. In the case of minors, the declaration must be signed by parents, adding to its their permission to the child's participation in the training. Before the start of classes each client is obliged to inform the coach of any health problems or a bad mood. In our club there is a ban on consumption of alcohol and smoking.

We have also introduced absolute prohibition on training participating for people using performance-enhancing drugs. Customers who use doping are removed from the club, and in the case of minors, we also inform about that parents or legal guardians.

People who fail to comply with regulations can get a reprimand, excluded from trainings, and when they have caused material losses - also financial penalties.


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About Us

Togres Boxing Club started its activity in 2008. Our goal was to create a place where people interested in boxing will be able to start their adventure with the sport, while boxers aleardy having some experience will develop their skills.

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