Activities for teenagers

Tigres Boxing Club invites to trainings those people who have completed 13 years of age. For teenagers, we have prepared a special offer. It is addressed to both boys and girls.

In our club we held both group and individual trainings. To take part in individual trainings, we encourage in particular young people who see their future with boxing. We prepare to participate in competitions, including the Engish Junior Championships. Classes are conducted by a coach having years of experience in working with youth.

Teenagers using our club we encourage to participate in extra-curricular activities. For those young people who are passionate about boxing, we organize shoolings and workshops, during which teenagers can expand their knowledge of martial arts, as well as healthy nutrition, supplementation and health of athletes. We make sure that teenagers know on what basis a rivalry should be based on, and in which situations you can use skills acquired during training. We explain to young people how to achieve good athletic performance, and at the same time take care of their health. We talk about illegal doping, and explain when it is worth to take legal supplements, for example, carbohydrate supplements, creatine or amino acids.

We invite to us all parents who would like to make sure that their children are provided with complete security in our club. We will answer to all questions and resolve any doubts.


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About Us

Togres Boxing Club started its activity in 2008. Our goal was to create a place where people interested in boxing will be able to start their adventure with the sport, while boxers aleardy having some experience will develop their skills.

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